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Most homeopathic doctor recommend that you continue homeopathic medicine at least for a minimum of a month or more because homeopathic medicine isn’t a fast cure medicine like allopathy so it takes a little long time than allopathy. More than a month for any common diseases or symptoms should be fine but for chronical disease it should be extended to at least a year before you get significant result to show up.

Those who are experienced in homeopathic treatment would give you a dosage as per your body condition which means your curing disease might have a great chance. Most homeopathic doctors often suggest you a medicine based on your condition if the condition of the patient is critical and can’t be handled through homeopathy then every experienced and good doctor would recommend consulting allopathic doctor.

No doubt allopathy is the fastest way to cure any disease but there are some serious side effects too which can cause other disease as well. It doesn’t happen with all the patients but there are some students over allopathic medicine side effects. Some people believe that homeopathic medicine doesn’t have any benefit and it isn’t works because they are habitual of taking allopathy, they might not feel it but as per the study homeopathy has significant results shown in the past as well as present.

Deciding a doctor whether they are in homeopathy or allopathy is always a choice of a patient whether they like one or both of them. There are many ways you can choose to search a great homeopathy or allopathy doctor easily. There are couple of great hospitals available which might help you in choosing a right homeopathic or allopathic doctor easily just like appolo, practo, and in some conditions you might like free classifieds, doctors directories etc as a great option to find a good doctors with reviews.