Blue Flower

There are too many classifieds advertising scripts available on the internet so its very hard to know which one is better. Since your favorite classified website could be a best classified script for you because the best means which could be used easily by users. Open source classifieds scripts are one of the best ways to build your classified website because those are available for free. The only issue with open source classifieds script is that those scripts doesn’t support all types of servers.

That means you can’t install free scripts on all servers and you will need to buy servers from them only. Where you can easily get a hosted classified script just like blueclassy or many other similar to this. The reason why its so easy to use because they provide full support from beginning to end so you don’t need to do anything to run a free classified website. Because this is a professional script you can always run your own free classifieds or premium classified website.

Whether you take a free classifieds script or a premium one those features are little bit different but most of them are same. The advantage of premium script is that that script also supports a premium ad to be listed by paying a certain amount to the website owner. This means that anybody who is willing to show their ad to the top they can easily upgrade their ads to premium by choosing premium ads option.

Well, after all this discussion I think it will not be so difficult for any person to choose a right classified script because most classified websites are built with an open source and free classified scripts. You can try different classified script or you can use hosted it all depends on your choice. To start your classified website with free classifieds ads only is a good idea because you will be able to understand how it all works but you can also take a premium script from the starting as wel.